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About the Author
Kyndra Hatch grew up with a fascination for science fiction movies and a deep interest in ancient civilizations, a combination which fuels her active imagination. She can often be found jotting her thoughts down on anything available.

After twelve exciting years as an Archaeologist, Kyndra has decided to take a break from her career to have more time with her husband of eleven years. She pursues a passion for writing and has discovered her works have a decidedly science fiction romantic flair. After stumbling upon science fiction romance books and soaking up every word, she began creating her own worlds, which lead her to the SFR Brigade. With the amazing energy and support of her husband and the Brigade, Kyndra gained the courage she needed to start submitting her own SFR adventures. "The Stranger" is her science fiction romance debut.

When she isn't writing, Kyndra can be found dabbling in photography, drawing, crafting, toy collecting, or volunteering for disaster relief efforts.

Awards or Special Recognition
"The Stranger" received a 2014 SFR Galaxy Award for Outstanding Debut Story.

Story Inspiration
My inspiration to write "The Stranger" was the submission call for this anthology. I thought, I can do this. I wanted to submit something so bad that I spent weeks going through my ideas and brainstorming until "The Stranger" started taking shape. Then it demanded to be written!

"The Stranger" is related to my work in progress. It wasn't at first, but then it began to fit into the greater plot of that work, which I'm calling "Fracture" for now. At first, I was calling the aliens in “The Stranger” simply The Invadors. But, that was getting confusing and my editor, the dynamic Diane Dooley, suggested I give them a name. That was when I decided the story does fit with my other work in progress and changed The Invadors to Skellyds. There are some snippets on my blog that give a little more idea of these beings. “The Stranger” is set in the future of "Fracture."

I hope you all enjoyed my debut story! Thanks for reading!

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"The Stranger" now has fan art by the very talented Lecidre. Click here to view:
The Stranger

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