About the SFR Brigade

After the smashing success of the December 2009 SFR Holiday Blitz, a multi-blog Science Fiction Romance book giveaway organized by Heather Massey of The Galaxy Express blog, the idea of creating a dedicated SFR community was hatched. 

On March 19th, 2010, the SFR Brigade was launched by Science Fiction Romance writer Laurie A. Green, and a charter group of fellow writers and authors including Sharon Lynn Fisher, Heather Massey, DL Jackson, Barbara Elsborg, Arlene Webb and Donna S. Frelick. In just over four weeks, the membership exploded to nearly 100 members! 

The SFR Brigade roster is now approaching 500 members and represents the collective voice of SFR authors, writers, bloggers, fans and enthusiasts with a joint quest of promoting their favorite genre–Science Fiction Romance. This is the SFR Brigade’s first anthology. 

 You can find the SFR Brigade here:  Facebook Fan Page  |  Blog  

If you're a writer, reader or fan of Science Fiction Romance, you can request membership at the SFR Brigade Facebook Group Page.

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