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The name my parents bestowed upon me is Amy, which is kind of nice, since it means ‘beloved’ and all. The name I inadvertently bestowed upon myself is Inkblot, Inky for short. Feel free to call me whichever you prefer. I hail from the sunshiny land of Australia, where mammals mostly have pouches and occasionally lay eggs, and where 90% of the wildlife can injure you. So it’s no surprise I’m a little quirky.

During work hours, I’m an English teacher at an all-girls school. After hours, I’m addicted to my laptop – hence the dog’s self-taught trick of bashing the keyboard with her schnoz to get attention. I like to think this is a sign that she’s a Creative Spirit, and is really just trying to help me improve my novels, mostly by turning off the wireless.

In contrast, my husband is very good about letting me be the one to pound away on my keyboard, and is incredibly supportive of my writing dream. Yes, he’s the most wonderful husband on the planet, and sorry, his brother is also married. Ha.

Story Inspiration
“Allure” grew out of an exercise Liana Brooks and I did in December 2012. I hadn’t been writing for a while, what with having a then-ten-month-old son, and we decided that daily prompts were the way to go, just to restart the writing habit. The prompt for December 2 was “sparkles in the sky”—and so “Allure” was born. I wrote the story in a single sitting, words pouring out like they hadn’t in years, and was amazed by the quality of the final result. Pippa Jay and Liana Brooks lured me to the SFR Brigade just in time for me to submit “Allure” to the anthology, and the rest… well, you know the cliché.

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